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You might want to try mail order.  The "base oil" is a commodity; the "secret ingredient" is the additive pack.  Additive packs are closely guarded secrets by those who make them (Afton, Valvoline, etc.).  I've learned a lot about oils the past few years and liken thier making to a baker with dozens of spices seeking the perfect blend.  As you can imagine, there are near-infinite possibilities, thus the need for secrecy when you find one that has an advantage.  Among the most important additives are typically anti-foaming agents, friction modifiers, and anti-corrosion additives.  Unfortunately most of my experience is with automotive applications which vent to atmosphere so I'm not entirely sure how much impact the closed environment with our stern drive has on oil selection.  Two quick thoughts are corrosion (since any moisture and oxygen is trapped inside) and thermal stability (since any increase in pressure due to themal expansion would test the sealing system).  Bottom line, just mixing a few ounces of a different oil shouldn't have much effect on oil performance as long as the base stocks are compatible.  If anyone has any burning questions on lube, I am presently working with several triboligists and additive suppliers and can ask the pros.

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I can't find any genuine OMC oil around these parts. Actually, I'm having a hard enough time finding lower unit oil that doesn't say "NOT FOR OMC STERN DRIVE". Go figure!

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You'll be Okay.  But in general, I like to support the "mother ship."  Use Genuine OMC Parts whenever possible.

On Aug 30, 2009, at 11:13 AM, Justin DeSantis wrote:

> Is there a difference between type c lower unit oil and lower unit oil
> that is marked as suitable for type c lower units? I was changing the
> lower gear case oil, but 30 oz didn't quite fill it up, so the last
> few ounces I used some off brand stuff that claimed to be safe for
> type c lower units. So am I safe? Or do I need to flush and refill?
> Justin
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