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Looking at you picture, you have NOT ONE but TWO, flexible 3-inch hoses, both connected to external vents mounted high on the transom to reduce the likelihood of them taking on water. It you follow them under the engine, one of them may be connected to a blower.

So now you're asking -- Why two vents? Think of one as a supply or intake and the other as an exhaust. The INLINE Blower should push air out the exhaust and draw vapors and air from the lowest point under the engine, where you may or may not find a working blower, depending on how DANGEROUSLY the last owner/user liked to live.

Sorry for sounding "PREACHY" but don't operate the boat without providing proper ventilation. AND BE ESPECIALLY on the alert for any possible oil or fuel leaks, which can easily occur at fittings, near or around the carb, filters, fuel pumps, and cut-off valves.

And once SERIOUSLY consider the installation of a Vapor Detector alarm.

The horn is also an important safety device, but it could temporarily be replaced with a whistle or hand held air horn. Over the long-haul an electric (compressor-less) horn might be an affordable, easy solution.


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It looks like the fresh air inlet -- you need to bring air into the engine compartment so the blower can suck out the gas fumes....not to mention allow the engine to run.

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Hello gang. So I'm beginning the task of cleaning up my 67 Surfer a
bit and making it ready for the water. Today I noticed something odd
with my horn. When you hit the button, you can hear an air compressor
fire, then a few seconds later you'll get a short blast. Or not.
Depends on how it feels I guess. I haven't started really looking, but
the compressor sounds like it's in the bow somewhere. How do I access
it? And how should it function? Should there be a lag while the
compressor builds up air, or should it be pretty instant? I've never
worked with an air horn before. I'm thinking of replacing it with an
electric one.

And while I have your attention, I have a white hose laying in my
engine compartment on the left side. It's just laying in there, with
one end open and the other leading up and out the transom. I assume
it's the blower? Is that how it's supposed to be routed? You can see
the hose in question here:
The flexible white hose on the left side of the motor in the photo.
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