[OMC-Boats] Oh, and the windshield holder thing...

From: Justin DeSantis <duc1098desmo@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2009 01:51:04 -0400

Sorry, forgot to ask this one in the last email. You guys will have to
forgive me, my mind races 1000 miles per hour at night when I finally
get a chance to sit down and think. So on the left side of my boat,
there's a genuine imitation wood grain panel. It holds the center of
the windshield. But it also looks like it might serve another purpose,
like it swings up to become a table or something. I don't know what
makes me think that. Just the way it's mounted I guess. It's sort of
mounted on quick release thumb screws and it looks like it should
pivot or something. Can be seen in this pic...

Does it do anything besides hold a section of windshield? Cause it
looks like it was designed to multi task. Or I need to quit drinking
so much coffee and staying up so late....

As always, thanks for your valuable input.

BTW, I had earlier asked a question about repairing a chalky finish.
Turns out, it's just dirty. The finish is in real good shape. The
white is anyhow. The blue is a little faded, and may not shine, but
it's still smooth. Should clean up and look as god as 60's era teal
can look.
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