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Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 15:11:21 -0500 (CDT)
I have gotten great results from a 3m product I picked up at West Marine..3m Gel coat restore/wax (I think) for heavy oxidation. I apply it with an electric buffer and just rub it in until the haze goes away. Did wonders for my Sportsman, just took some time and elbow grease..


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I've  also got a '67 Reveler, the exterior finish was severly faded. Tried all kinds of wax but to no avail. The best thing I found was a product called Perfected II or Perfected III. You can get it at body shop supply stores. It's made by 3M, the 3M # is 06060. When applying it use only a foam pad on a orbital buffer, no wool pads. It will really help bring the old finish back.

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Unfortunately I haven't found any silver bullets.  I have exhaust carbon on my stern drive and stern I can't clean off, but like you say, it seems like there should be something that will get it off out there.  Boat US did a big run-down on a bunch of hull cleaners in their last issue, but I haven't had time to read it yet.  Maybe there'll be some insight in there else maybe someone else on the list has had luck.

67 Reveler

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> Ok, so I got this 67 Surfer we've been talking about. Most of you have
> seen the pics. It's in really nice shape. But the white part has a bit
> of a chalky feel to it. The blue is a little faded, but still smooth.
> I'd like to try to bring the white back to at least being smooth.
> Shiny would be nice, but I'll settle for smooth. Are there products or
> techniques anyone can suggest to help my finish? I figured I'd start
> with a good pressure wash. Will just washing and waxing it remove the
> chalk? It's not real bad. My old Glastron is way worse, but it spent
> more time being stored out doors. I feel like the finish on this thing
> is repairable. Any suggestions? As always, thanks for your input.
> Justin
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