Re: [OMC-Boats] adjust screw on top of shifter?

From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 11:04:57 -0700

oh jeez. ok this is weird.

-I've looked at that screw and associated parts in both the housings
i have and it just seems to be connected to nothing. Hard to
understand conceptually how the things does ANYTHING, but i believe

- unless im missing something, this particular adjustment doesn't make
a whole lot of sense. i'm confused. When would you ever need an
adjustment that controls hot/cold starts and the position of the "gas"
lever? That seems like putting an adjustment on a cars gas peddle to
control whether or not you give it gas when you start it. Why?

- now i am wondering if i really screwed things up and perhaps played
around with that screw and that's what caused that plastic disk piece
in the switch to break? I easily could have, but don't remember at
what point i actually started messing with the screw. All i know is
it was sort of behaving wierd. Sometimes cranking, sometimes
not. And moving the red lever may have made a difference in there
somewhere cause i'm sure out there on the water i was in a slight
panic moving stuff back and forth. But I DIDN'T mess with the screw
out on the water. Then at some point got it to crank again.
Perhaps the red lever position? Then back at dock assumed i had some
electrical thing happening with the switch. I think that's probably
the point where I fiddled with the screw - mainly out of curiousity
(as in "hmmm what's this do?")- while disassembling and testing the
switch. The whole things seems weird and I'm still not really
understanding that screw. But maybe i tightened it too much or
something trying to see what it did, played with the throttle lever,
and broke my switch? Really doubtful - i'm pretty careful. But it
seemed to be doing nothing when i turned the screw. The shift lever
moved the same, the red lever moved the same. Who knows.

Nice to know that screw adjustment can completely disable your boat
though. If a boat is not starting, that is probably the last
thing anyone would check!

On Aug 15, 2009, at 9:54 AM, Lee Shuster (lib1) wrote:

> JD,
> The question you had on your JOHNSON/OMC single-lever remote control:
> I had an opportunity to grab a OMC factory manual from 1969-1970.
> The screw (recessed and on top?) is used to adjust the interaction
> of the FAST-IDLE/(START) lever with the N/S (neutral-safety) cutout.
> In other words, it is possible to (mis) adjust this so that one
> could never start, even a warm boat with the main THROTTLE lever in
> NEUTRAL, without first advancing or partially advancing the FAST-
> IDLE/(START) lever.
> Does that make sense?
> BTW mine is adjusted, so that I can always do a hot start in NEUTRAL
> without advancing the FAST-IDLE/(START) lever.
> If yours was mis-adjusted it might explain why you were encountering
> a locked-out staring condition.
> Did you see the link I posted to the $200 new replacement switch?
> Lee
> On Aug 13, 2009, at 11:05 PM, jd wrote:
>> hi, so for whoever is keeping track, got my boat out today for
>> first time after weeks. temp prob was previous dilema, rewired
>> about 75% as result. Ran around about about full speed for about
>> 20 mins and temp stayed right at 160!! So yes, as I HOPED,
>> knock on wood, but it appears the crazy high temp readings on 3
>> separate gauges and senders I have been getting for 3 summers now
>> were ultimately the result of some funky wiring grounding thing.
>> Wow what a relief!
>> But of course, another prob popped up (although everything seems
>> downhill minor from here on). Sometimes the key would crank and
>> sometimes absolutely nothing. Tracked it down to the shifter.
>> Pulled it apart, poked around, traced it to a prob with the
>> Pollak switch that controls forward or reverse. It was sticking,
>> and not sending juice to the white wire while in neutral.
>> Actually went further and did some surgery on the switch - drilled
>> out the rivets, carefully took it apart. All plastic, and a
>> crucial plastic piece in there is broken in half. Have it in the
>> vice tonight and am hoping I can glue it back together strong
>> enough to hold. Not fun. Fortunately, Have an older shifter
>> as back up just in case, but it doesn't have the ":won't start in
>> F/R" wires.
>> Anyway, on to my question - what exactly does the adjustment screw
>> right above the red throttle lever do? it doesn't look broken to
>> me, but seems to be doing nothing. Is it a friction adjustment
>> for the lever?
>> jeff d
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