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Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 14:04:39 -0700



Attached are photos of the old boat trailer where I salvaged the boat guides from. (an old 1964 Sport 16)

The photo was taken at an RV lot in my area a couple of years ago..
The photo was taken a week before the boat and trailer were sold.
The boat and trailer had several custom upgrades which were made by the previous owner, including a custom made hard shell cockpit cover with round smoked glass windows. I thought it look very sharp.(cover not photographed)

Last fall I returned to the R.V. lot in order to purchase some mirror exstensions.

While on the lot I saw the boat again, only this time it was trashed, the interior was tore out, the motor was disassembled, the trailer had flat tires. I couldn't believe how tore up it was.

I asked the sales man what had happened to the boat. He told me that the boat had recently been repossesed and he had no idea were the hard shell cockpit cover was.

I thought what a shame. For one man to put so much effort in restoring a boat and then having another man trash it.

I asked the owner that since the boat was trashed could I at least purchase the boat guides for I needed them on my trailer. He said ya.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos, and who knows maybe one day I'll can go back to the R.V. lot and purchase the rest of the trashed vessel and re-restore it.


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