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I agree with Dave, keeping shallow helps. I usually back in until the trailer fenders are just under water, no more than 6". It seems to work well.

Dave Rusilas

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Hey Bill, ?I had the same problem. When I was rebuilding my trailer I noticed I had a couple of rollers out of whack. The cross channeling that held the side rollers had bent down from over 40+ years of pounding. I fixed it by bending the channel back in place and welding a couple of gussets in to keep it from happening again. I've also ?found that sense our trailers do not have bunkers to guide the boat into its place it helps a lot to only back the trailer in very shallow. I back my trailer in just enough that the very back and middle bottom rollers are under the water only.... I then drive it up on the trailer. That seems to keep it lined up. ? ? ----Dave H, ? ?SD CA

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Yesterday was my third and most frustrating attempt to get my boat lined up and on the trailer.? Of course I had a few worried about stalling or worse?ramming the underside on something not intended to be rammed, etc.? I'd have had better luck if I could have just left it sideways across the wheelbase......?? Anyway, I know you can buy or make your own.? The?idea of making my own?out of 2-3" PVC pipes appeals to me because they're relatively inexpensive but I don't want to be "cheap and/or cheesy" about it.?


Anyone done this or have an otherwise excellent suggestion?


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