Re: [OMC-Boats] Prop spinning in Nuetral?

From: BC Howk <bchowk@...>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:18:14 -0500 (CDT)

Have you tried penetrating oil, impact wrench? A little heat and a breaker bar should work, would just hate to see you break the bolts or something.

Just another thought, since you need to fix the tilt motor anyway, go ahead and take the motor out and you should be able to spin the outdrive down by hand, via the worm gear shaft, will take a little while but.....

As far as the water goes, glad to hear you have the hose hooked up. As long as you have you tell tale "pee stream" should be alright. Sorry I don't know what else to call it... looks like the outdrive is peeing out of a little hole toward the top of the outdrive on the starboard side. Again, IMHO you should make sure the outdrive is down all the way before running it.

Good luck with those bolts.


On Aug 11, 2009, Nexi <ohnoitsnexi@...> wrote:

Having a real difficult time getting the 3 bolts off the quadrant gear. Perhaps a torch and a breaker bar will do the trick?

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That's pretty normal, mine spins in neutral,  just sorta idling along.  You should be able to stop it with a finger  be really sure it's not engaged first...

I would not run it with the engine up though. bad for ball gears and not real sure the impelor is gonna like that. I have heard some different opinions but never risk it myself just take off the quadrant gear and lower the outdrive by hand....till you can get the tilt motor sorted out.


On Aug 11, 2009, Nexi <ohnoitsnexi@...> wrote:

Took a next step to make sure the engine runs. Started her up with the drive up, someone said this was ok as long as the boat is in nuetral. Oddly enough the prop is spinning while in neutral. Shouldn't the prop be at a stand still during neutral?

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