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Thanks for the info.  
It could be the new gauge is not showing the correct amount because in today's shakedown cruise (see my other email), we had to restart her about 12 times and it did not seem to run the battery down at all.  In the first shakedown, we drained the battery fairly quickly and that was without the number of restarts we had this time around so maybe it's actually charging.
In any case,  I have an alternater shop I can take it to to have them check it.  I also have the Presotlite ALK alternator on my boat so glad to know it's the original.
Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive

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Do a google on "Prestolite ALK MARINE Alternator"

It is quite possible you only need a set of brushes which are still available as well as other service parts if you have time and inclination to look.

Why not take yours  to a decent local motor/starter/generator specialist repair shop and they should be able to check it out?

PRESTOLITE did stop making these in the early 1990's but they do have a nice 37-amp MARINE UL-rated replacement,  No 8MR2051XX see link:

You mention seeing 11 v, that surely doesn't indicate much if any charging is present. Does your boat still have a working ammeter? Don't forget the external regulator is also part of the package and you will need to check that as well. As mentioned by Andy the newer alternators have internal regulators.

For marine use the original ALK's were decent units if properly maintained. Most people want to toss them in favor of the vastly more popular 1-wire Delco, but I have gone the route of keeping/maintaining mine.


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I bought a new alternator for my Reveler 155 2 or 3 years ago after failing to find any OE parts or a source to rewind my rotor.  It is a new design with a built in voltage regulator that is backwards compatible with the original.  I found it by searching the OMC part #.  Unfortunately I'm about 1000 miles from the paperwork right now so I can't look up the new part # or source for you until next weekend, but you could probably find it yourself doing the same search.  As I recall, I eventually got to a 2-3 page PDF with a bunch of alternators, including the one the showed as compatible with the original p/#.  You'll need to bypass the existing regulator, but it is nearly "drop-in" easy to install.  It has worked great for me and I would recommend it.  I've had to replace or rebuild the alternator roughly every 15 years so if you think you're near that point you may just want to replace it.  A good boat shop or alternator shop should be able
 to test it for you, but I generally expect the glasseyed look every time I walk into a Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Napa, ....  Unfortunately there aren't too many good auto parts shops left since the big boxes started taking over.

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I just tried to get them to test may alternator for me as my gauge says it's charging only at 11v but it seems the don't know how to test anything unless the can enter it into their computer.  And if you try to tell them it came off a boat, they go glassyeyed and can not longer speak.
Soooo.....  Just so I have it, can anyone provide info on a suiteble alternator replacement should I find mine is indeed not fully charging?
Dallas, TX
1970 - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive
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