Re: [OMC-Boats] OMC Steering Humour

From: Lee K. Shuster \(lib1\) <lib1@...>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 09:41:25 -0600

I was having a conversation with my OMC electric stringer expert yesterday
about his thoughts on the three OMC electric stringer steering systems.

His favorite of the three systems is the Tru-Course and he explained it came
into popular use when the SelecTrim systems appeared on the Fords and inline
GM engines in the mid-seventies. It is hardly affected when thrust vectors
are altered when the trim feature is used.

When I asked him what he thought of our "beloved" rope/pulley setup, he
said, "Oh, you mean the "P.O.S." steeering setup?

Apparently few if any other boat manufacturers used the "POS" system besides
OMC. Most used the Morse cable "mechanical" tiller system, before the
Tru-Course became popular.

Eventually, hydraulic-assisted power steering systems became popular as
horsepower and torque ratings increased steering effort and boat sizes

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