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Ditto.  Another alternative is to go to the BRP website and look through the diagrams.

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Not to be rude, but gives us some more clues, dude!

OMC Part number off the unit would help ID it. What unit is it from V-4 90 hp sterndrive?

Why do you have it pulled/cut out? What happen to the missing connectors on the white and green wires?

(Knowing what it was hooked up to would be helpful in determining what it's used for?) It would be a simple matter to locate this on an electrical schematic/diagram.

If I had to guess  -- looks like it's potted (sealed) and most likely is a voltage regulator for the alternator?

Finding a "new version" replacement will be challenging, without OMC part numbers or Engine model numbers to start with.


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what is this?

what does it do?

do i need it?

would a new version do a better job?


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