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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 13:10:16 -0700

Hey Lee,


On that same note, I should feel pretty good about 36mph with two people on board right, WOT? Not sure of the RPMS, but the tach can't be reads around 1000 at idle (I know what 1000 sounds like) as well as 5000 rpm, and I can tell you that when my tach reads 5000 it sounds more in the vein of 3000. I'll just have to hook up my own tach.



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Hi Todd,
What are your goals in wanting to change props? Higher top speed? Better fuel economy at cruise speed? Better hole shots for yanking up skiers?
RE: <<Planning on installing a 14x18 soon as I can locate one.>>
You didn't state if the boat was fully or lightly loaded, and at what altitude you were operating. And given the mixed pedigree, who knows what gear ratios are now in there?
When your rig was brand new it was capable of running a WOT 4200 - 4500 RPM, which would typically yield (with one or two passengers at sea level) about 38 - 39 mph.

If your "hard running" is only able to yield a true 3000 rpm and 32 mph at WOT (Wide-Open-Throttle) then moving up in pitch won't change much except lower the maximum WOT RPM. In fact, without additional evidence, I'd hazzard a guess that you might want to consider going DOWN in pitch, not UP.
Size matters, but in this case bigger MAY not always be better.

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Nothing wrong with that you're doing at all Todd! Just use it and enjoy it! Your RPM range and speed are good, I'm not sure I'd change a thing! If you want, you can get your 16 repitched to 18 and have it cupped, like I did. Basically, get the right pitch, or something that is plus or minus two inches in either direction, and have it redone. It's fairly cheap.
I'm running all four bolt hardware, although I do have an extra five bolt lower end.

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Subject: [OMC-Boats] Fw: 4-bolt versus 5-bolt

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I'm running a 5-bolt upper gear case on my '67 reveller 155, with a 4-bolt lower. Took her out last saturday and she ran fine for about 2 hrs. solid, of hard running. Ran about 32 m.p.h. a little over 3000 r.p.m. Also using a 14x16 prop, all I got right now. Planning on installing a 14x18 soon as I can locate one. Is there anything wrong with this type of set-up.

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