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From: Thomas Klauber <tklauber@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 10:07:50 -0400

Took the 69 Rogue #1 out to the Waccamaw River last Tuesday - it ran great other than for a minor intermittent miss - thinking maybe bad gas (the boat, not me). Not going to sweat it as it had good power otherwise, and it will tell me sooner or later what it needs. I really enjoy buzzing by the kids in their ski boats with the racks etc. etc. - why don't young men ski like we used to? We were in a slalom ski ASAP and nothing else would do - are those wake boards that much fun? Yea I know doing those flip tricks would be great but get real. I am sure they see my boat and say WTF? - especially with the roar of that Rockchester 4 barrel at full throttle - a sound you just don't hear anymore. It just doesn't get any better than that. Been working on 69 Rogue #2 this summer - it came with the wrong stern drive - a 4 bolt cap - 120 - 155 hp circa 1967. Been restoring the upper gearcase which I'm not sure about. Will throw a lot of time and money into it - ah BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand! Gotta go - don't want to be late for church. TK
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