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those are your idle mixture screws. i'm assuming you have a 1970 2 bbl carb. if so screw each one in gently until they stop on the needle seat. back them both out 1 1/2 turns. this should get you close. run until your boat is fully warmed up then one screw at a time turn the screw to the right slowly till the engine just starts to hesitate and stall. next turn it to the left until the fuel mixture is rich and the engine starts to lope or run rough. then turn the screw to the right until engine runs smooth.all this is done at idle. hope this helps. if someone knows more i won't be offended if you chime in.
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> so no one knows and/or wants to take a crack at what the two adjusting
> screws under the carb actually do? would love to i
> don't make things worse by guessing my way through.
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