[OMC-Boats] (correction) Trailer color is Paprika

From: Wayne <wayne@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 15:46:02 -0500

My memory fails me. I located the can of spray paint I bought at Home
Depote. It is NOT Cyan. It is "Rust-oleum Painters Touch, Paprika (SATIN)"
It's almost an identical match for the original paint (before fading). If
you want to match the faded color I believe the color was "Rust-oleum
Painters Touch , Cinnamon". I looked every where. This is the only paint I
could find that was close.

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> I'm kind of a perfectionist so I spent considerable time trying to find
the exact match for my Evenrude Trailer.
> I found two extremely close colors, depending on if you want to match the
original paint or the faded paint.
> I found spay can paint at Home Depot that is extremely close. It may be
the original color but it is hard to tell after all these years.
> The faded color is Cinnamon. The original color is a cyan (don't know if
I spelled that right). If you want the exact brand name and paint number I
can check the can when I'm at home.
> Wayne
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