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What are you doing with your points every year? I change mine roughly every 10 years and that's about it. Maybe we've just had 42 years of good luck, but we've found the best approach to be not to mess with it unless something is confirmed wrong.

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  Hey, Lee's got a point here!! :-)

  Seriously....I put the pertronics kit on mine and THE BEST thing about it is not messing with those darn points every spring when it comes time to de-winterize. It's a no brainer

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    Unless your idea of fun is fiddling around with feeler gauges and dwell meters, this discussion is shall we say, "pointless."

    Seriously, the perception of "seat-of-the-pants" performance will be greater if you throw out 200 pounds of "junk" that always finds it's way onto our boats.

    If we can assume that the Air-Fuel delivery system is optimal, then upgrading the entire ignition system, including stock points/coil "might" measure a couple of horsepower on a dyno, but at the RPM ranges most boat owners run in it will be difficult to detect it's presence.
    Easier starting? Maybe but not really, if everthing else is working properly. Smoother or slower idling? Not really, imho. Reduced emissions or better economy? Probably, but how you going to measure that?

    So go "pointless," only if your time and/or labor to replace points and condensor, and adjust dwell and ignition timing over the next 5 to 10 years are worth four "Andrew Jacksons."


    PS -- My "schills" on the list are supposed to chime in, Hey Lee's got a point there!"

    Have a safe holiday weekend!

    On May 22, 2009, at 1:18 PM, DOUGLAS JULIEN wrote:

            Hi all:

            Does the Pertronix improve performance? Will it allow a lower idle speed? Is there any perceptible difference in acceleration or top end? Quicker engine start, maybe? Eighty bucks is eighty bucks...thanks.

            -Doug Julien

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              I've had good luck with Pertronix (three seasons) on my small block Chevy with the Mallory Marine distributor.
              I like the fact that it retains your stock distributor and you can add a better coil or stay with your stock unit.

              I also did a GM HEI retrofit on my Buick V6, but physically it's a bit tight and it's a hassle getting all the correct parts.


              On May 22, 2009, at 3:55 AM, Dave Rusilas wrote:


                Pertronix makes only one model for the odd fire v6, Igniter 1165. They're $70-$80.

                I did mine about 5 years ago and it works great. It's nice to not worry about points. The only thing you have to be careful about is to make sure not to leave the ignition switch on too long without the engine running. It could burn out the module. They corrected that problem with the Igniter II but as far as I know, they don't make one for the odd fire V6.

                Good luck with your project.

                Charlton, NY

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                      Well I'm having a good day!! I've had my boat running this afternoon with the outdrive in a tub of water. Good news is that the water is flowing. Even better news is that I'm not seeing any foaming in the crankcase oil so all is looking good there. It didn't take long for the water in the tub to turn a nice shade of grey with exhaust crud skimming the surface but she's pumping water and that's alwasy good. She's running a tad rich I believe, and is a bit stinky. It prob had 2-3 gals of gas on the verge of going bad so earlier I mixed in another 3-4 gals to thin it out.
                      I want to convert over to electronic ignition to minimize maintenance. Has anyone converted their V6 ignition over to a Pertronix setup recently? What version did you use? Any suggestions?
                      Dallas, TX
                      1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive

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