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Here's a photo that shows off the Deluxe 17's cool windshield:

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Check out the photos of the OMC/Deluxe 17 in the Brochure section of Phil's website.

The Safety Glass windshield on the Deluxe 17 and Dual 17 was power operated (hinged at top) to allow for ventilation. This probably inspired the fold-flat (MANUAL) windshield that first appeared on the 14-ft Playboy/Caprice and a year later on the 19-ft'ers.

Pretty cool.

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Not heard of a windscreen tilt motor option. How's it work?

Dallas, TX
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Jeff, does you Deluxe have the windscreen tilt motor? That's important because I believe there should be a single GREEN 12 ga wire that runs from the ammeter's (+) GEN side and connects to the WINDSHIELD TILT MOTOR Circuit Breaker. This should be a single replaceable wire, not part of any cable assembly. This wire should connect to the Ammeter terminal nearest the centerline of the boat, close to the speedometer, tucked behind the fuse block and the other end to the Windshield Tilt Motor Circuit breaker.

The remaining ammeter wire (connects nearest the fuel gage) should be a 14 ga BROWN and it should connect to the IGNITION Switch. It should be bundled into the "main" instrument panel harness assembly that interconnects the tach, fuel gage, ammeter, and Ignition switch.

Also, I forgot the DeLuxe dashboard has three small terminal blocks (sometimes called busses), just above the fuel guage and ammeter, The outer two are Positive (+) while the center block is (-) Neg or ground. These are in addition to the Fuse block, which also has a grounding buss.

One smart thing OMC did on the DeLUXE that they dropped from later models, they used a resettable circuit breaker on the tilt motor circuit. On most models like my 66 Sportsman they didn't protect it at all, later on (69-up ?) the put in a fusible link in the high current supply line to the tilt relays.

Hope this helps.. I'm digging thru my junk lookming for a Deluxe schematic for you. No promises, however.

Lee Shuster

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