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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 10:01:31 -0700

Hey Dan,


Is yours the orange-ish 1964 with bow number 2h 12869?

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Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] Prop Install Question

scott............. i have a 17ft omc with an inline 4..... needs work and is shown on the list...located in Revelstoke BC approx 6, 7 hrs from seattle...
trying to deal on a 20ft johnson....if successful will sell the 17ft immediately....Dan

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here you go -

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I'm looking for an OMC boat in the Pacific Northwest, near Portland or Seattle, it can need work, but I'd like it to have the inline four or Buick six motor. We're not flush with cash, so the cheaper the better. Probably a tall order, but I thought I'd try. I miss my Seasport!


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Hi Bill

Pages 60 and 61, lower gear case parts diagram for 1969 attached. I don't have the parts manual for 1970 but as far as I know the lower gear case was identical to 1968 and 1969.. There is indeed a brass thrust washer between the prop and pin and it's available in new or used flavor on Ebay right now:

This price is high but not outrageous. I've paid $2 for the washer plus $8 shipping (!). I've also gone many miles without one, with no apparent ill effects.

As I recall, I had a prop with a tight fit and found that a few strokes of emery cloth on the propshaft solved the problem. You will be surprised how little sanding it will take to make it a smooth fit.

-Doug Julien

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This might seem like a simplistic question but I've not owned an OMC before and just want to be sure....

I bought a refurbished prop for my '70 Evinrude Explorer OMC sterndrive from a local prop store. The prop slips on down to about 1" above the shear pin hole. As shown in the attached pic, the shaft is smooth with no "key" guide but does have a raised section or lip at the base (circled). The prop is smooth but has a key guide. The prop has the correct part number stamped on it but that doesn't necessarily mean the hub is correct.

In sliding the prop down the shaft the backside of the prop will slip over the lip on the shaft where it meets resistance after about 1/4 inch travel. With just slight downward hand pressure it will wedge tight and is difficult to get off by hand if need be. I'm a bit concerned the resistance and the potential of not getting the shear pin hole lined up and then not being able to get the prop back off again by hand if it's off slightly.

Couple of questions:
1) should the shaft/prop be lubed when installing?
2) is the prop "supposed" to slip all the way down and seat with minimal effort or does it require being tapped down?
3) I think I'm missing a large washer that fits under the cone cap. Anyone have a schematic view of the applicable parts (I don't have a manual yet)?

Thanks for the assist!
Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 OMC
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