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I suggest you find a reputable carb shop and ask them for a recommendation. They will know who their more competent customers are.

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  I trying to restore my 1965 "Rude Sweet-16" I/O. I went through the same thought process, driving myself to fidgits, until I decided comfort, ease, and pleasure is really what I want and need. I'm sure, if they thought about it in the 60's and 70's, swivel seats would have been an option. I'm putting swivel seats in front as well as back and saving one of the rear Evinrude seats to remount in the middle far back for the small boaters (removable). Not only fishermen enjoy swivel, but passengers out for a boat ride like to swivel and look or socialize. For the front seats, I have rigged a simple drop pin under the seat to prevent swivel when driving. Works pretty good. In a few month I should have some photo's. My only problem so far is getting someone to work on the engine that really knows what they are doing. Anyone know of a mechanic's school in the Dallas - Houston area?


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