[OMC-Boats] Sweet 16

From: James Potter <jepotter@...>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 20:39:59 -0500

A note to Richard Libby.
Not all is lost. I recently purchased a 1965, Sweet 16, V4 I/O. And it sets on it original trailer. I'm not much of a mechanic, but I purchased to fix it up a little and try to trade for a 18-20' Bass fisher Pontoon and trailer. It is still in the shop, should be getting it out this week or first of next. The motor was running, outdrive was lifting and lowering, and it appeared to be in pretty good condition. It has been setting in a garage for about 10 years, thereby my reason for putting it in the garage before taking it out on a spin. It was not titled, but registered in Texas, and the trailer has never been registered. As soon as I get the Boat back I'm taking it down to the Auto Theft Task Force for inspection and verification that it has not been stolen, then I can register/title it.

Would you be interested in it?
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