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Thanks BC.

I do have the original stringer drive and I know not to trim with the tilt. Got to keep those ball gears pristine. The adjustment that I've been making is to the front motor mounts. I have the jack screws all the up to provide some added downward thrust to force the rear end up a little bit. I've tried all 3 positions but there's not much of a difference. The motor was rebuilt 4 seasons ago so I have plenty of power. I'm running the stock 19" stainless prop and with just me in the boat I get 37-38 mph by the boat speedo. It shouldn't porpoise at all under those conditions but it will if the waves are right. The only cure is to back off on the throttle. Something's definitely wrong.


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I also have a 69 sportsman 155, I will check the origional manual or the trailer tag for the weight when I get home, should have the answer somewhere in there.

Do you have the origional stringer outdrive on your boat? you mentioned that you are trimming your boat....assuming that you do not have another mechanism for that other than the tilt switch. I beileve that it is a bad idea I have always heard that those nuckle (or ball joints) are not designed to stand up to being run in the up position. I usually set the outdirve all the way down and leave it there while running.

My boat can be a little slow getting up on plane depending on the load, but does get there. I haven't had trouble porposing as you describe so definetly sounds like something is up. will get back to you with the weights later.



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Hello everyone,

I have a 1969 Sportsman 155 and I also suspect that my floatation foam is waterlogged. The boat porpoises a lot, regardless of how I have the outdrive trimmed. It's also very difficult to get it on plane if I have passengers in the back seat. Does anyone know what the weight of that boat is supposed to be? I can find the weight of the '68 and older sportsmans, but not the redesigned '69/'70 hull. Thanks.

Dave Rusilas?

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When I dug all the waterlogged foam out of my 64 Evinrude Sweet 16 it weighed an estimated 1200 lbs. - sounds like you might be a little light!? Start digging - it will make a world of difference!? Good luck, Mike

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I have a 1968 Seasport II that I was just getting ready to work on so I took the boat and trailer to a scale to way it.? Total for boat and trailer was 3500lbs.? The trailer weights appox 600 lbs which means the boat weighs 2900 lbs or 900 lbs more than the owner's manual says it should.? The boat has sit out in the open for several years so I am concerned about soaked foam but even this seems extreme.? Does anybody have any ideas?




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