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I currently own a 1965 Evinrude Playmate 90 I/O & I agree a 1964 15 foot
Gull Wing Hull Outboard, Closed Bow w/ Drop Down Windshield will be a rare
find. However, I'll keep trying. Help!! paul.devin@...


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   1. Re: 1964 Evinrude (Lee Shuster)


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From: "Lee Shuster" <lee.k.shuster@...>
Subject: Re: [OMC-Boats] 1964 Evinrude
To: "Evinrude & Johnson Boats of the 1960's and 70's"

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Funny you should inquire about this particular boat model.

The boat you are looking for will be virtually impossible to find. Very,
very, very few were built, at least as outboards and as Evinrudes. (No
Johnson outboard version of this hull was ever produced and marketed.)

It is without a doubt the rarest of any of the boats OMC produced from
1963 to 1970.

First of all, the model you describe was never produced in model year
1964. It was introduced in 1965 in both open and closed bow models. Only
a handful were ever produced, and very few survive today.

The vast majority of this hull/deck (14-ft with closed foredeck) were
produced from 1965 to 1968) either as the Evinrude Playmate or the
Johnson Caprice.

These were all equipped with the V-4 90 hp two-stroke, long-leg
electric-shift stringer, which was derived from the 75 hp and later 90
hp V4 OMC outboards.

As a side note, OMC engineers developed a very fast three-point hull
(very similar to the larger 17-ft'er) with featured very cool, twin
cockpits that management killed. With the 90 hp I/O it reportedly could
hit 43 - 45 mph in smooth water.

You could wait years looking for one of these. Good luck.

For an overview of all OMC boat models by year and hull type, visit:

Lee Shuster

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I'm looking for this type boat specifically (1964 Evinrude Gull Wing
Hull, Outboard & Drop Down Windshield). Can anyone assist?

Please advise


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