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Hi Doug,

On my 66 Sportsman, I had trouble trying to find a new globe (lens). In the end I just replaced the whole mast/light assembly with one of the readily available replacement mast lights. Can't remember if it was Perko or Attwood, but I got from either Boaters World or West Marine. I had to do some minor re-wiring to adapt the plug but that was not a big deal. My boat's not where i can measure it, but I'm guessing these masts are an industry-standard, apprx 3/4-inch diameter?

I was also able to find a white LED "bulb" for the all-around nav light, so it draws a minimal amount of current if I ever wanted to leave it on all night with out re-charging or running the engine to recharge the batteries. Did the same for the "Anchor" light. Also LED's are great for trailer lights as they resist water much better. But I still un-hook they trailer harness out of habit during launching and retrieving. I'd like to think they give a tiny bit of extra "rear-end" protection off the stern-end of the trailer. Getting rear-ended would be ugly.


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  I have a 68 16 foot Evinrude Sportsman and am looking for a stern light. Mine has the hole but no mast. Anyone have an extra or know what aftermarket one works in the existing base?




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