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To Mark Nor-cal and list:

Here's a hot-tip:

While OMC originally did fit the smaller/original "480" or
"bullet-style" lower unit on both the V4's and the Chevy II (110-120 hp)
Inline 4's, the greater low-end torque of the of the 4-stroke Gm
engine, resulted in a later switch over to only the HD "Type 14"
large-case lower unit as used on the 4's V6's and V8's. Somewhere around
1969-70 OMC even OEM'ed the little English Ford (Cortina-Pinto) inline
OHV-4, rated at 100 hp, but these are pretty difficult to spot these
days (these all used the Type 14 lower units.

As parts are FAR easier to come by for the "Type 14" HD lower-unit, my
advice if you are considering an inline 4 is to switch over to the HD
lower unit for added reliability and greater replacement parts
availability. Just be sure and verify you are using the correct upper
gear-set ratios:

Of course the 480 V4 I/O did share parts with 1962-63-64, electric-shift
V4 E/J outboards so you can always cannibalize them, if necessary.

Pics and history on these lower units at:

Lee Shuster

PS -- I enjoyed see all the Hull serial numbers and years -- Sounds like
a good fall winter project to flush out a few more of those for an
online owner database. We are really hurting for serial numbers from
1964 and 1965 model years.

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Where are you located? I have some 4 cylinder outdrives and engine
parts available if you are still looking.
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> looking for a replacement outdrive for my 90 v4.
> OR looking for inline chevy 4 withoutdrive to replace it with.
> no v6 for me. =)
> mark-nor cal
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