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From: Jeff LaCoste <heavy@...>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 09:19:43 -0700

Again, thank you Ethan.

Last night I checked the oil level like you said and a milky oil
mixture bubbled right out. I closed it up and have turned my focus to
the tilt gearbox. If I can get in there tonight I will take a good
look at it and see what condition its in and how old it is.


On Aug 4, 2008, at 12:41 PM, Ethan Brodsky wrote:

> On Mon, 4 Aug 2008, Jeff LaCoste wrote:
>> Recently my stern drive on my OMC 64 Deluxe started to refuse to drop
>> down or raise itself without a little helping hand from me. I
>> remember hearing that the gear/motor for these were a little lacking
>> on the power. Has anyone on the list experienced this? If so did you
>> fix the unit or replace it? Any idea on the costs of these? I think I
>> could probably get one as SeaWay in Seattle.
> The first thing to do is check the oil in the tilt gearbox. The
> oil fill
> point is the plug in the lower center of your picture. Pull it off
> and
> hopefully there will be oil to that level - or if it's like mine
> it'll be
> filled to the top with a milky oil water mixture. Either way,
> squirt some
> oil in (I've seen various opinions as to whether 10W30 or Type C is
> recommended) and work it up and down a few times.
> Replacing the tilt motor is a fairly simple process, though may be
> somewhat
> difficult to reach and might require a good set of tools. I needed to
> modify a hex driver bit to do the inner bolt, as clearance is
> blocked by
> the bell housing. That's on a '70 with the 155 hp V-6 - yours
> might be
> different. I'm guessing this wouldn't be a problem with a better
> tools.
> If you've got the same innards as me, the tilt motor is a Prestolite
> ETK4102 - I bought mine refurbished for $100 from Finicki's Auto
> Electric,
> a local shop (they had it in-stock and, yes, it was marine-
> rated!). I've
> seen new ones on ebay for as little as $30, though that requires more
> patience. They are widely available online for $75-150 or so:
> If you have it apart, I'd recommend replacing the "hammer-blow
> coupler" as
> well - I bought mine from Seaway (#309267) for about $7 shipped.
> You might
> destroy the old coupler while removing it, so once you decide to do
> this
> you're somewhat committed.
> Be careful while installing the new motor - the mounting bolts hold
> the
> motor end-cap on, so if you tilt it the wrong way, it'll all fall
> apart.
> There's probably some pro trick like using tape to hold it together
> during
> installation, but I didn't know that. It's pretty annoying to have
> to fish
> all the little parts (brushes, springs, gaskets, wave washers,
> etc...) out
> of the bilge, and I'm sure getting them wet wasn't great for them.
> If I
> had had the right tools and wasn't an idiot about letting it fall
> apart, I
> think the swap would've only taken about 15 minutes. Instead I
> spent about
> an hour, as I had to do one of the bolts with an open-ended wrench
> in tiny
> increments.
> My old motor was badly corroded inside - I can't remember if I had to
> return it as a core or if I still have it around, but it didn't
> look worth
> fixing.
> Replacing the tilt motor led to an immediate and vast improvement
> in tilt
> performance. It'd been lethargic as long as I'd had the boat and
> sometimes
> needed some help, especially if the battery was low or it was
> cold. Now it
> instantly flies up and down, so quickly that it often will go all
> the way
> to the lower bump stop from a brief push - I've thought of adding
> an inline
> resistor to the down relay to make it drop slower.
> You didn't mention anything about this, but one other thing that
> can cause
> bad tilt performance is improper clearance in the tilt gearbox.
> Over the
> winter, I reassembled mine without the gasket (used silicone instead),
> making it perhaps 0.3 mm thinner, and it would no longer move at
> all. I
> had to take it apart again and reinstall the gasket - the preload
> on the
> clutch is crucial to making it move properly.
> Hope this helps,
> Ethan Brodsky
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