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Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 02:46:41 EDT

Lee thanks, already redone my wiring with a harness I had in a spare
outdrive. Took it for a run today in the lake and ran fine. What a relief. When
it originally happened I thought I had broke a gear or shaft. Winded up as
simple as the wiring, luckily!
While I have you, do you have any idea why on the top of my fuel pump, it is
spitting gas from what looks like a vent hole? Is this normal or is something
 up? Thanks, ~Joey 1970 Surfer 210
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Checkout: _
Your model has the 5-connector plug at the remote control which permits the
in-gear "safety" starter lock out which got added in 1969.
It's about as simplistic as this: (Light) Blue Forward -- (Light) Green
Any Questions?
Oh yeah, the return current path is case ground. Or "earth" as the Brits
call it.
Picture worth a bout 1-k words?
_ (
You'll probably want to acquire a new lower unit wiring harness assembly if
they got cut up.
The insulation and connector integrity is important to reliability.
(One drawback of the design is to fail in neutral, not in gear.)

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Anyone having any info on the wiring for 1970 Electromatic OMC 210hp
outdrive off of my Johnson Surfer. I'm having to rebuild my lower unit and the
wires in the lower unit were severed and hanging loose. I'm looking for a
diagram that shows the wire schematic for my lower unit. Can anyone help?
Thanks, ~Joey
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