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From: Zach Stanley <zachstanley@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 00:29:17 +0800

I second that! Our seasport 155 rides sooo much better with the stingray hydrofoil. With this one - it is one piece rather than two and comes in white - you can adjust the attitude of the trim by stacking washers on the front or rear bolts. it did knock a couple mph off the top end, but effectively increased top speed because the boat used to porpoise wildly unless it was pure glass - rare on lake washington.
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> > c) some people have reported adding a hydro-foil on the sterndrive's anti-cavitations plate,
> > reduces proposing (personally haven't tried one).
> For what it's worth...
> My Playmate had a real tendency to porpoise. I bolted a plastic
> hydro-foil on the anti-cavitation plate and it worked wonders in my
> case. It kept the nose down in almost every condition, and the boat
> planed off remarkably fast on hole shots, even pulling a skier. I often
> wondered if it didn't cost me little top end, but never went without it
> again!
> It isn't an expensive experiment, but you will have to drill holes in
> the plate to mount it.
> Don Fintak
> Muskego, Wi
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