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From: Lee Shuster <lee.k.shuster@...>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:34:48 -0600

Good choice on TruCourse Steering, Andy! You're gonna love it!

I've been proclaiming the benefits of TruCourse ever since I did my
Buick-to-Chevy re-power retrofit.
If you locate all the required parts and proper length cable is safer,
more reliable and adds precise control and tracking.

For those who aren't familiar, with TruCourse, OMC oddly never offered
it on EJO boats. It became very popular with OEM boat manufacturers in
the 70's that were installing the OMC Stringers. It is a torque-free
design, also an OMC proprietary design consisting of gear-driven, sealed
push-pull cables. As an added bonus, (in my case) I got the nifty
rudder-angle indicator.

The other steering option (beyond EJO's inexpensive and lightweight
rope/pulley/cable system) was the single (large) cable mechanical system
(based I think on Mercury's original Ride-Guide, later sold to
Teleflex?). These were often used in twin stringer installs and require
the "tiller" arm to penetrate the transom and attach directly to the
sterndrives' external down-leg, thus defeating the stringer's elegant
single-hole-thru-the-transom design. But they did use industry-standard
parts, so the OEM boat builders like them.

Lee Shuster
Salt City

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I just bought a tru course cable set up and am replacing the old cable
system with it on my Tiderider...

Much easier to maintain as well!


--- Ethan Brodsky <brodskye@...> wrote:

> As long as we're discussing cables, has anyone worked with the cable
> system on the sterndrive systems? I snapped a cable while winterizing

> it last year (shouldn't've waited until it was frozen!) and have been
> fixing it this week. I replaced the snapped cable, which ran from the

> mid-ship junction/spring clamp assembly up to the steering wheel, but
> I haven't had the courage to replace the other (longer) cable yet.
> The old cable is very
> stiff and frayed and the new cable is so much more supple and robust
> looking, so I wanted to replace all of it before it failed entirely.
> It looks pretty complicated to rethread it onto both sides of the
> steering drum on the intermediate housing and keep it centered. Is
> there a trick to doing it? I'm talking about the cable that runs from

> the forward steering wheel drum back to the sterndrive drum, then back

> up to the mid-ship clamp.
> What kind of tension is appropriate in the system?
> My thought is that one
> just wraps it around the sterndrive drum, gets it approximately
> centered, clamps it down, then cuts the other two ends to length after

> assembly, setting the tension on the one side at the steering wheel
> and the tension on the other side at the extension to the steering
> wheel?
> Ethan Brodsky
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