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Hi Carl,

I could be mistaken, but have you tried cross-referencing the OMC 90hp carb part numbers against the 64-65 Evinrude/Johnson 90 outboard carb?

There might be a lot more old stock of those parts to found for the outboards, than for the OMC sterndrive dealers.
Just a thought, but for all I know -- they could, in fact, have unknown differences.

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  I am trying to get a 1966 Johnson Caprice back on the water. After tinkering with it for a few days I got the engine to crank and the spark restored. Also got the electric fuel pump pumping again. The engine did start for a few seconds and then the the fuel began to pour from the carburator. I took apart the carb and it will need a complete rebuild. Lots of white residue in the bowls and general bad shape gaskets, needle/seat, etc.

  The local boat dealer may be able to get some carb parts, but not a rebuild kit. They were also not too helpful on agreeing to do a rebuild of the carb. I guess because of the parts scarcity and the age. I did get a quote from a business mentioned on the list here (don't recall the name as it is on the other pc). Their total cost was over $500.00, so I would like to try and get a little better price (as I need the $$ for new seats, carpet, etc). Other businesses I have tried online have no listing for these particular carbs.

  Any ideas from the list on a parts source or a rebuild shop? The boat has an OMC 90HP V4 2 cycle with 4bbl carb. Engine number is DU-13ER.




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