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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 11:02:43 -0500

I think I spent a little over $2000.
That included parts and labor to rebuild the upper gear box (may have
even needed a new case, mine had run completely dry and chewed up
everything), ball gears and seals for the intermediate housing, lube,
and paint to pretty up the outdrive. After getting a quote on some of
the parts, I finally just sent him the gear box and he quoted what was
needed. I figured he knew a lot more than I did.
If you send an email to stone@... with what you need, he
gets back pretty quickly with what's available and prices. At least he
has in the past, I haven't had to contact him in the last three years or
Good Luck,


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Thanks for the advice...if you don't mind me asking...what should I
expect to pay for an operation like this?

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        I've had real good luck dealing with
        I have a '68 Playmate, so it's a little different, but when I
needed my upper gearbox rebuilt a couple years ago, he did great. He
will either sell the parts, or do the work. I sent him my gearbox and he
had it back in very short order. He also had new and used ball gears in
stock. I have also called with a couple questions and they were more
than willing to offer advice.
        Come to think of I also was able to get carb parts for a rebuild
from them.
        Hope this helps.
        Don Fintak


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        Anyone know of a reliable source for parts for the same year
that Ryan just inquired about? I've also got a 68 Sportsman 155...the
upper gear case is shot. I'd either like it fixed, or I may attempt to
fix it myself with a spare week and some guidance.
        JJ Ford



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