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If we assume that both the 66 and the 68 are both original then the
answer is No and Yes.
NO: OMC made subtle, evolutionary improvements in the 1967 model year to
the 14-inch lower units. Identification of the earlier (pre-67) units is
easy, they have 4-bolt top caps, while the 67-77 units have the
five-bolt caps. Internal parts, even props were changed. Getting any
internal parts for the 66 will be nearly impossible. The 67-77 units are
more plentiful, as are parts.
YES: Just about anything is possible given enough time or money. It can
be used, in a pinch, but it's not the ideal solution. The other thing to
watch out for is the internal gear ratios. You want to count revolutions
of the prop and compare them to the input shaft. Depending on what the
66 leg was behind (4 or 6-cyl) will determine it's gear ratios: (you'll
want to avoid changing prop pitches or even prop fitment due to the
differences between 66 and 68):
View OMC model numbers here:


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Does anyone know if the lower end on a 66 sportsman will match up with
my busted lower end on my 68 sportsman?
JJ Ford
Pendleton, OR
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