[OMC-Boats] Replacement ignition switch and fusebox?

From: Micah Donahue <mdonahue@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 16:51:55 -0400

I have (or it has me) a 68 Sportsman 16' 120, w/ a swapped in 69 155

I had an elec problem last run, and let's just say I'll be rewiring
her this fall or next spring.

The only things I can think of that may not be easy to replace are the
fusebox and a correct-looking ign switch. Does anyone have a good
source new? And am I missing anything else you can think of?

I suppose I could rebuild the fusebox piece by piece from radioshack,
or replace it with a breaker panel from West Marine. Any suggestions
from the team?

Thanks in advance for the great advice, as always.

-Micah Donahue
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