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Those original Tempo units work well and are very hard to find. They used to
make them to fit all the OMC outboards (and other brands too) and obviously
the stringer sterndrives as well. I like these because they feed water into
the lowest point and keep the impeller vanes wet from start up.

An alternative (also very hard to locate, but once in a while they show up
on ebay) is that one OMC Parts offered --> the garden hose adpater that
replaces one of the upper trunion end-caps (near where the tell-tale water
stream exits). I've seen some hook up hoses to both.

The barrel method works great on smaller outboards, but getting one under
you sterndrive with the boat on a trailer represents some serious
challenges! It does have the advantage of keeping the exhaust buried in
water, while the hose-fed method let's the open exhaust wake up you

Lee Shuster

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> Url for $5 stern drive flusher on Ebay:
> I bought one. Seems to attach to, and cover, the water inlet on the
> "rudder," using a garden hose to force water into the system.
> Anyone have a better way? A barrel? Thanks for advice.
> -Doug Julien
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