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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 11:29:13 -0500

I don't know about other NAPA dealers but the one here in Waukegan has a
cross reference manual for OMC to NAPA. It's not on his computer it's one of
those old fashioned books where you look things up. He doesn't have any of
it in stock but gets engine parts in two to three days.

Possible other NAPA dealers have the same book but don't know it. Make
friends with your NAPA dealer and maybe he'll see if he can find it.

One other note on electric pumps it's important to get one that's Coast
Guard approved. They aren't cheap but on Lake Michigan here in Illinois they
(the Sheriff's Dept and CG) randomly inspect boats and issue tickets. If a
non approved pump fails it can siphon fuel into your bilge.

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> For what it's worth I've had new NAPA fuel pump that fit's the 200 HP V8
> Buick on ebay three times. Only one person watched it and no one bid. It
> is
> a marine approved part if someone wants to cross reference and see if it
> will fit it's still available. I would but my OMC service and parts
> manuals
> are packed away while I'm changing storage area's.
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>> Not sure if it helps, my I had to replace the fuel pump on my 69 Seasport
>> (Buick V6) last season.
>> My mechanic found a NOS oem part, but it set me back ~$300.
>> OEM parts can be found, but as I said, are expensive, if an aftermarket
>> pump will fit, you'll save nearly 6x.
>> FWIW, the guy who did the work for me is at:
>> Dale's Boat Service
>> (208) 882-2124
>> 2211 S Main St
>> Moscow, ID 83843-8912
>> Kenneth
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>>> Subject: [OMC-Boats] FWD: Fuel pump needed ASAP
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>>>> Anyhow, purpose of the note isn't to broadcast my misfortune, but to
>>>> ask
>>>> your assistance in finding a new fuel pump (OMC p/#381688) or a rebuild
>>>> kit
>>>> (OMC p/# 381689). Both parts are obsolete and unavailable according to
>>>> my
>>>> local dealer. I've spent the last 5 hours calling around (including
>>>> places
>>>> like Sea-Way) and looking on the net. The closest I've come is
>>>> aftermarket
>>>> pumps by Carter (part # CARM3643) and Sierra (part # 18-7258), but I'm
>>>> not
>>>> 100% sure either is right nor if either has a built-in filter such as
>>>> the
>>>> OMC part. Has anyone tried either of these pumps? If so, did they
>>>> fit/function properly and do they have a built-in filter like the OE
>>>> pump?
>>>> My engine model is HU 16C and this is the 155 Hp 225 ci V6. I'm 3 days
>>>> into
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