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Hi Darson,

It's easy to confuse the 80 hp OMC nomenclature. But I believe your
V4-2-stroke power system is the same as what is more commonly found on
the 14-ft Evinrude Playmate/Johnson Caprice and a very few early

Unless somebody re-powered your 1965-ish Deluxe 17 it does not use the
80 hp "Cross-flow Kent and NU sterndrive. The "Kent" was an English
Ford, 98 cu in (1.6L) inline-4, 4-stroke that saw duty in some British
Fords and the Ford Pinto. The NU is a totally different beast, the "NU"
is a more modern outdrive than the original 480 or "DU" type outdrive.

The original 480 or DU has a bullet-style case with a much smaller,
lower torque rating gear case.
You can identify it by looking at the pictures on my website at:

The later, heavier torque-rated (GU/HU/JU/KU/LU/NU/TU/VU/WU/XU) units
look more rounded:

You should be able to find the Identification plate on the intermediate
housing and confirn your DU.

The DU shared many parts with the 1962 to 1967/8 75,80 and 90 hp
outboards including the coils and lower gearcase. I don't want to
speculate but type parts (once you get the part numbers) will be a bit
of challenge to locate, partly due to their older ages:

At any rate good luck and welcome aboard!

Lee Shuster

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It's NU with the 80hp Cross Flow Kent. I believe the sterndrive was
known as a '480'.

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> You might try to first identify what your particular sterndrive model
> is:
> Type DU, or CU, or HU?
> see:
> Then you might try grabbing a used one at someplace like:
> /Lee Shuster
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>> Hi All,
>> I'm trying to locate a forward coil for an old electric shift
>> outdrive. The boat is a Deluxe 17 circa 1965ish. I'm in Canada. Any
>> ideas?
>> Darson
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