[OMC-Boats] New to List Johnson Caprice

From: farmall2@...
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:18:26 +0000

New to the list. I have just aquired a 1966 Johnson Caprice. Trying to restore it and get it on the water again. Overall good condition, but is very weathered and I am interested in refinishing the boat myself. Seats are bad, so new ones will be in order. Looking for a convertible top as well, the original was taken out. I am also having a problem getting a spark. No luck with my limited one day of trouble-shooting so far. Compression is 95 to 98 on the 4 cylinders.

 Any sources of information or tips on my current refinishing and mechanical activities would be greatly appreciated. I am new to boating and this one looked like a good one to start with.


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