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From: Douglas <dwync@...>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 14:57:28 -0400

Hi Everyone,

    My name is Doug Cox. I am the owner of a 1963 OMC Dual Deluxe. It is
blue and white and in real good shape. It needs a lot of odds and ends
done to it. I am in the process of power washing the complete boat
and going to try to get it into the water this summer.
    `I have the owners manuals for the boat and the trailer. I promised
Phil I would send copies of them to him, which I have not done yet. I
will take pictures of the boat and send them when I get finished
cleaning the boat.
    The boat needs a new complete top, running light on the top of
windshield, starboard nameplate "Dual Deluxe OMC". I have the pieces and
will probably have to glue them together. The trailer front wheel is
missing, and the the tilt lever and linkage are also missing. I am sure
I will find other things missing as I work on the boat.
    This boat also has two spot lights on the bow. They look like
factory installed units. I am not sure if that is the case, or a maybe a
dealer installed option.
      Most of the seats (6) are pretty good. One has the back split at
the top and I'm going to try to glue it. The six life preservers that go
under the seats are not any good. Anyone that has any suggestions on
replacing these let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from other boat owners,

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