[OMC-Boats] Sportsman 155 Troubles

From: J.J. Ford <jjford@...>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:24:14 -0500 (CDT)


I had an opportunity to stop by that salvage yard that I wrote to you about earlier. They are located a few hours up the road from you in Fairview, Oregon (just off of highway 84)

They had a Sweet 16 (in salvagable shape) and an Evinrude Rouge (in not so good shape) the rouge had the 300 buick motor and appears to be in the process of parting out but when I pressed them about the Intermediate housing (possibly for myself) they told me that they were thinking about selling it whole.

Anyway, I asked them about outdrives for a 155 they told me that they had at least 2 complete and possibly more in parts, but not on the property at the moment (I suspect that they might not have wanted to go diggin at the moment) However they seemed very confident that they would be able to come up with parts for you.

I have not done any real business with them so I cannot offer any advise about prices or quality but did want to forward on their info as I'm certain that they will have what you need. I suspect that you will need to negotiate pricing like a used car buyer.

If you still need the parts here is the info:

Fairview marine supply
Boats, Motors, new and used Parts
503-680-7036 cell
ebay Seller ID "boats4sale"

Summer hours:
Tue, Wed, Thurs 9-5
Friday Noon-5
Mon& Sat. by appt only

Good Luck and please let me know if they are able to help you.


Sorry for the last post, as I've discovered I need to say where I am <BR>located.<BR><BR>I'm in Pendleton, OR and have a Sportsman 155 that needs at least an
upper gearbox rebuild.  I tore into it this past weekend and found a
shredded gear (no teeth left) underneath the flat plate below the top
cap.  I am trying to save the most money I can, since this may end up
being a project that I'll have to do myself.

THanks again everyone-
JJ Ford

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