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I did the pertronix upgrade several years ago, minus the flame thrower coil. Is an easy and great upgrade,

Still wanted to go to the HEI for hotter spark without possibility of cross fire in the small cap. on your site I see you were running an external coil? I was hoping to use the intergrated coil unit but wiring comes of a plastic connector molded into the cap and that interferes with the marine thermostat housing.

Hoping that someone out there has a better option other than hacking off the plastic moulded connector and making a new pigtail for the wiring.

Thanks for your response, I love your site and the stuff you have done with your sportsman, My post on OMC-boats has not shown up yet but your site inspired much of the stuff I've done, Thanks.

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>Yes, as Dave points out the Pertronix is an alternative and I DO mention it on my website: Quote: >>Another electronic ignition upgrade alternative is available from Pertronix, Inc. Their Ignitor electronic module replaces the points and fits inside the stock distributor, retaining stock appearance. <<
>Two additional points worth mentioning about the Pertronix:  1) They are available in "Marine" rated versions, including optional marine coils and 2) The Ignitor II offers several advatanges over the original Ignitor, including: a) support for higher output coils, b) auto-shutdown senses if ignition key is accidently left ON, c) auto-dwell sensing for 3X better output performance in the 3000 to 5000 RPM range. Petronix also offers complete range Marine Billet Distributors for the small block Chevy, as well as Rev-Limiters and MSD-like multi-strike ignition modules. Over the winter, I installed a Pertronix II in the my Chevy which uses the original OMC-supplied Mallory flat-top marine distributor. I also upgraded the original coil, spark plug wires and put in a set of NGK Iridium (XR51X) plugs. The goals are: no more ballast resistor needed, no more fussying with points/dwell tune-ups, better extended trolling (low-speed) by running a hotter spark which should reduce plug fouling, and maybe a tad better mile
age & performance. Installation was easy (about an hour) and I'll let you know how it turns out. If I recall, Summit Racing got mine here in a day or two. If you do install a Petronix I or II, save the old points plate, as it could be re-installed, in the unlikely event the Petronix electronic module fails Lee Shuster  ----- Original Message ----- From: Drusilas@... To: omc-boats@... Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2007 7:19 AM Subject: Re: [omc-boats] 69 sportsman 155 new to group
> In a message dated 4/21/2007 10:51:32 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, lib1@... writes: Hi BC and welcome.
>It's been a couple of years since I had my Buick with the HEI. As I recall
>my buddy had to grind away a minor amount to gain clearance for the HEI from
>CRT. I've since sold the Buick, so I can't look at it. But it wasn't much <BR>that was required.<BR><BR>I can't tell you either, as I wasn't present when he did it. But he had a
>shop and probably removed the thermostat parts to do the grinding.
>Hope that helps.
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>> Greetings,
>> My name is B.C. and am new to this mailing list.
>> I have been working on my 69 Sportsman 155 and enjoying the OMC-Boats web
>> site for several years now and finally decided to join the list.
>> Has anyone out ever done the HEI conversion on the 225, with the CRT
>> performance unit (as discussed on Mr. Shusters page), I am looking for
>> advice about how to get the distributor Cap with the integrated coil in
>> without all the interferance from the Thurmostat housing.
>> Thanks
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> Hi BC,   There is another option. I installed a Pertronix Ignitor ignition kit and high performance coil in my 155 and they work great. The kit replaces the points in the distributor with an electronic trigger. Since you're not changing the distributor, there are no clearance issues to worry about. Make sure you order the kit for the odd fire V6, part # 1164 I believe. You should be able to get both the kit and coil through JEGs or Summitt for around $100. The web site is   Dave
> See what's free at

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