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Hi Ryan,

It may be out of line on my part -- but I'd like to politely suggest that this type of question is the sort that you will be well served to discover on your own. Your recent request to the list (someone?) look up a spec strikes me the wrong way, as in a bit selfish, perhaps?

Why do I bother to try and point this out? Well, I humbly would suggest that YOU should probably own more than one manual: Clymer, Seloc and OMC all have their good and bad points when covering the OMC "electric-shift" stringers and their power plants.

And something of the nature of your engine spec question is covered in the numerous manuals covering Buick and later Kaiser Jeep engine manual on vehicles that used the odd-fire 225 V6. I am willing to bet that a few minutes using Google would yield an answer to your question from numerous other sources on the Internet.

Look, I'm not trying to sound snooty or "holier-than-thou," but if you're willing to dive in and spin your own wrenches, then be willing to have the correct specs and tolerances at hand. I don't think few if any of us on this list memorize this kind of detail on our boats' engines. Heck, I can't recite the firing order, but I do know where to go find it without bothering everyone on this list.

Look, I'm glad to welcome and appropriately help out all members to this hobby and particularly to the world of classic OMC boating. But please don't ask me to: "please look up the valve clearance specs."

BTW, I've enjoyed the pictures you've shared with us. Keep 'em coming.

Lee Shuster
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  Replaced the head gasket…can someone please look up the valve clearance specs.





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