Re: [omc-boats] How to remove helm/steering wheel?

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Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 08:10:19 -0600

My wheel came off fairly easily after removing the bolt. A gently "tug" was
all it needed. You might also find tapping the rim with a rubber mallet will

OMC used a fairly unique splined shaft on the steering wheel hub to prevent
slippage. Finding suitable replacement wheels can be a challenge.

Despite cracks in the outer plastic, the original wheels have a fairly
strong steel "core."

Lee Shuster
Salt Lake

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> Hello -
> I'm working on replacing the helm wheel on my '69 SeaSport.
> Existing wheel is dammaged, cracked, etc. I'm hoping to replace it with a
> new wheel in ... well .. new condition.
> Problem here is trying to figure out how exactly the existing wheel comes
> off. Appears to have a bolt in the center which comes off, and then it
> vaguely looks like some kind of puller would be used which would 'seat' in
> the center of the bolt.
> What kind of puller would one use for this?
> Is there another (better?) way of getting the damaged wheel off?
> Thanks,
> Kenneth.
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