Re: [omc-boats] gobbledegook

From: Phil Budne <phil>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:32:36 -0400 (EDT)

> In the last digest, Micah asked if there is a way to eliminate the
> gobbledegook that accompanies these digests. Yes, there is, but it
> requires cooperation from everyone who posts. You must NOT use the
> reply function when you write to the group, because that will load the
> entire mess from the prior digest.

Things everyone needs to take care to do:

1. Send "plain text" messages if at all possible.

2. When you reply, edit down the quotation of the old message to the minimum.

3. Don't send photos.

I have picked up a new server, and am making slow progress in getting
it set up, at which point I'll migrate the list to use it, and more
modern list management software (mailman). I'm not super fond of
mailman, but it's well maintained and MIME aware, so I have some hope
it will mitigate some of the issues digest subscribers currently

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