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I recently repowered a 1960's Slickcraft High profile OMC stringer boat to a
1984 model V6/800 series OMC low profile mechanical shift. Still not new by
any means, but a more modern unit 15 years younger than what had been in the
hull. I wanted to avoid going to a transom pushing drive even though my hull
was adequate thickness at 2"
As my transom's job is still to basically just keep water out of the boat,
and still support no powertrain weight, I found it a relatively easy job to
cut the new larger and lower hole in the transom and close it back in to
provide mounting for the 800 size 22 hole transom seal/boot. The old
stringer was a high profile, the newer is low profile. Oddly, the stringers
in the boat were the EXACT right place for the low profile powertrain mount
and the ventilation plate of the 800 lines up perfectly with the stern, only
the hole had to be lowered 4".
The original high profile 120HP had long mounts that lifted the engine and
int. the 4". Not sure if the OMC boats had these long legs.... seems odd to
raise the center of gravity for what seems like no good reason (pan
clearance?) but keep this in mind if going to the new Volvo....the modern
sterndrives are not tall like some of the early OMC's, so the powertrain
must mount low in the hull.
You can see a pic that shows some aluminum checkplate I used very simply to
cover my less than beautiful fiberglass work on the transom. The V6's donor
boat gave me tru-course steering as well as the shifter etc for the 800.
Checkplate also covers the hole where the push pull steering attached to the
old elec. stringer.
The best part of my repower was the free donor boat. It had a cracked block
and rotten hull, but everything else was in very good shape. The boat runs
50MPH with the V6 185HP and the V6 229 chev is fairly common for parts. I
was able to rebuild the engine for very low cost.



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