[omc-boats] Tilt motors for 155 v6

From: Michael Sweeney <mike.s.sweeney@...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 19:45:16 -0500

O.K... I'm running up a tab on repairs on my 1968 Reveler. I should
have done them myself, but didn't , over the last three years. Now,
seems my tilt motor is giving out. Any thoughts on rebuilding?.. Repair
Manual resources for a semi-adept mechanical male... Anyone with a
spare tilt motor circa 1968-1971?.. I have a 71 Reveler that I will be
stripping for parts (I'll keep you all posted on what's left) yet no
good tilt motor. Any & all help will be appreciated.

In Bartlett, Il

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