Re: [omc-boats] Really need trailer bearing seal info

From: Erik Ackroyd <erikackroyd@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 22:32:14 -0700 (PDT)

It's really not all that hard...
Just be gentle tapping out the old seal if you can't read the numbers from the outside; there won't be any on the inside... just take your bearings [and the races] and the seals to any decent REAL independent auto parts store [and better NAPA stores] and they should have a caliper to measure the seals [if no numbers] the bearings are probably what used to be common "Sets" like a set 3 and set 5
Be brave!

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Subject: [omc-boats] Really need trailer bearing seal info

Hello, all --
I really need to replace the grease seals on my 1968 Evinrude
Sportsman's original trailer. I've ordered a parts catalog from a
vintage literature place, but I'm worried I may not be able to match
up the old part #s.

Has anyone done this job? If so, I would REALLY appreciate the
manufacturer/part # info for the bearings and seals. I'd even be
happy to pay someone $50 to pull one of their seals out and write
down the #s for me. Use the $ to buy a new set of bearings for
yourself as well!

-Micah Donahue
Boston, MA

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