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Typically, these "idiot" lights are wired in series as follows from battery negitive to battery positive:

( - ) Engine ground --> Temp Sensor Resistor/Switch (Switch closes when "hot") --> Signal Wire --> Bulb "A" --> Filament --> Bulb "B" --> Fuse --> +12 V Supply (typically at IGN switch) (+)

Most likely you could hook up your buzzer in parallel to the bulb filament and it will work. You could also "isolate" the buzzer load by using a relay. This way the Temp sensor/switch only has the small relay coil load to "carry" or "see," in addition to the bulb. Using this relay method (essentially a remote controlled switch) you could use a car horn as your annuciator. That will get your attention!

Just an idea, have you ever tested the cyl head temp sensor using pan of hot water and a thermometer? Just to make sure it works?

Hope this makes sense....

Lee Shuster
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  I have a temp light but no buzzer. I was wondering if it would be possible to hook up a car door buzzer/alarm to the temp light. I was just kinda worried if the temp sending unit could handle both the light and the buzzer. I dont know how that sending unit works. Im talking about the outboard evinrude sending unit that is up top, set into the head.

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