Re: [omc-boats] head gasket

From: David <odin@...>
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 14:52:30 -0500

if the head is cracked, it would be a very thin crack hardly visable
between the intake and exhaust valves in any one of the cylinders - it
would cause a drop in compression - you should also check very carefully
under the intake manifold toward the top three inches of each cylinder -
that is were they usually crack if frozen! I doubt the head is warped -
you didn't say, but was there obvious damage to the head gasket that
lead you to think it was the cause of water in the oil? if not, better
keep looking until you find the problem. Dave

Ryan wrote:

> Question? I pulled the head because of water in the oil and loss of
> compression on one cylinder. The engine overheated last time I had it
> out, probably caused by the impeller. I haven't checked it yet. I
> don't see any cracks in the head. Can I assume because it is cast
> that it will not warp or do I need to go have it checked and how much
> will that cost?
> Ryan

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