[omc-boats] Looking for a ski tow bar

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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 14:01:29 -0700

If you haven't take a look at the boat for sale on the URL below, you should. It is a beauty. I thought I was looking at a copy of my own except I have a 125 outboard. Looking at the pictures reminded me of a search for a ski tow bar I started a couple of years ago. It was original equipment on the 1964 sportsman 16 with an outboard. Somehow over the years I lost 1/2 of it. It is a U-shaped bar that stands over the outboard when in use and lies flat when not. It is bolted to the stern. I have a attached a picture if it goes through. Not sure if this group allows for attachment. To my point I am still looking if anyone has one that they do not want or knowledge of where one may be available I would appreciate the help


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