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From: Thomas Klauber <tklauber@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 21:55:50 -0400

I took the Rogue to the river today and we all had a wonderful time. I am 54 and I do not get up on the skis like I used to but got up on 2 skis. I am out of shape which is what happens when you have a desk job and do not work out. About the flooring I now remember some techniques I used last time. It is absolute that the new floor is the same height as original if you have sides or other stuff to fit back in place after the new floor. I cut the old floor out leaving several inches of old glass laminate at the edges to give you the proper height of the new floor. The plywood does not directly bolt to the stringers - you have a small amount of foam sandwiched between stringer and plywood. I did the foam in small sections and used an approximate 3 by 3 foot section of heavy plywood and would put one edge in the groove at the edge of the floor and the other over the stringer using a block of wood to raise the edge of the plywood piece off the stringer the appropriate height for the new floor. I would pour the foam mixture and then put a thick piece of polyethelyne between foam and plywood piece and I would stand on the plywood to keep the foam from overexpanding. You are controlling the height of the foam with your weight and the flat surface of plywood. The plastic keeps the foam from sticking to the plywood. First pour the deep parts of the hull to a level say 6 inches below the floor. The foam loses its expansibility when used in smaller amounts. The foam would shortly rise to the proper height and you pull the plastic sheet and plywood off and go down the line using the edges as shoulders for the next batch. You can use an electric sander to level the surface if necessary. I poured a small layer of fiberglass resin over the foam before putting on the plywood floor. I am going to make a movie or pamphlet next time I do a floor. I saw several older trihulls on the water today. No Johnson/Evirudes though. I have yet to see one of our species. Hope all have a safe happy 4th of July. TK

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