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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 12:19:34 -0500

Thanks much! Despite 38 years of ownership, I never knew what car to cross-reference for parts that could cross-over for marine use. The water pump is the part that scares me the most as they are getting scarce and very expensive. It would be nice to know if there is a car part with equivalent flow rates, etc. that I could convert (i.e. seal off heater core tap). I know the corrosion resistance might not be as good as the marine part, but it would sure beat having nothing.

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  Any automotive store will carry spark plug wires for the 1967 BUICK SKYLARK V6 3.7 (225) GAS engine.

  Bosch Part No 09311

  To find a Bosch retailer near you, simply use thier handy dealer locator at:
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    Anyone have a good mail-order source for a set of ignition wires for the Buick V6 155 Hp? I split one of the boots open during winterization and couldn't help but notice they looked old enough to be the originals so I figure its time to replace the whole set.

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